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Pet Specialist Garden Hutch & Run 131 X 65 X 102cm

Pet Specialist Garden Hutch & Run

For those who like grass beneath their Paws. The open lower floor makes this hutch ideal for lawns and grassy areas.

Dimensions: 131(L) x 65(W) x 102(H)cm

Pet Specialist Hutch & Runs are all lovingly handmade in the heart of Devon. We ensure all our wood is sourced only from sustainable managed forests as we really do care about our surroundings, just like we care about your pet and their home!

We use tried and tested high quality methods to produce our premium range of hutch & runs, creating a living space that will not only last through the seasons but is also a product you can be confident with!

Our hutch and runs are all flat packed and come complete with instructions and fittings.

As you would expect, they are all British weather resistant and will keep your special furry friend safe and snug all year round.