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Pet Remedy Calm Bandana Small

Product Description
Luxury bandana with 15ml Pet Remedy Calming Spray.
Reversible 1cm Polkadot design.
100% Cotton
Uniquely shaped for a perfect fit.
In stressful situations, simply spray Pet Remedy a couple of times on bandana.
The calming effect will start to help instantly.
Lasts up to 4 hours.
Repeat as often as necessary
15ml bottle gives up to 120 sprays applications
Bandana Sizes
Large – 940 x 310mm H (37” x 12” H)
Medium – 830 x 250mm H (32.5” x 10” H)
Small – 650 x 150mm H (25.5” x 6” H)
Extra Small – 505 x 130mm H (20” x 5” H)