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About Us

About Us as a Company

PupsandPets is a VAT registered business. Our VAT no is: 927 0076 33.

We are a small family run business which we launched and began trading in May 2008.

About Us and our Pets

PupsandPets came about due to our love and passion for animals.

At the time of launch we had a beautiful Golden Retriever called Holly who came to us as a rescue and we wanted to spoil her, but seemed limited to what we could find at reasonable prices. So we took the extreme measure of setting up what is now PupsandPets.

When Holly reached 18 months, we decided it was time for her to have a companion so along came Bramble, our 2nd Golden Retriever.

Bramble is used as our general mascot and dominates the image in our Company Logo as she loves the camera and is not shy at having her picture taken!

When Bramble reached 3yrs old, and Holly over 4yrs old we decided to add a 3rd Golden Retriever to our pack and along came Hoya to join our family.

We sadly lost Holly due to ill health but in January 2013.

Our doggy family now consists of 3 Golden Retrievers, a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Cocker Spaniel.

The benefit of having 5 fun loving dogs through different sizes and ages is their endless commitment to keep trying out and testing our products. (A tough job, but someone has to do it!) They love experimenting with the toys, getting new beds etc but of course recognise they are only playing their part for the Business.